Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December 2010 CD Calendar Insert SNOW ANGELS

Snow Much Fun happens in the month of December even the penguins are excited!

To create this calendar design, I used PC Crafters for the penguin and simply cut him out.  I added a little glitter to all more glitz to his style!

The penguin is holding a sparkly snowflake the first of the season as a matter of fact!

This month's calendar might look impressive, but only took about 10 minutes to create and most of the time to create it was cutting the penguin out!

Sending you all warm wishes and Happy Holidays!
Christine and Bobbi 
Crabby Cakes Studio 

Monday, November 1, 2010

November 2010 CD Calendar Insert GOOBLE GOOBLE


Gosh this is one of my most favorite time of the year!  
Fall is in full swing!  The cold nights to snuggle with my honey!  I get to dress up my little chi's doggies in sweaters to keep them warm! 
Of course I especially love the time around the Thanksgiving table with the family. Sharing stories, catching up, and just appreciating them all!  Just simply being able to be grateful for how lucky we all are!

This month's CD/Card insert is all about Fall and Thanksgiving!
To decorate,  I used Debbie Mum's fall paper for the background. 
Gold and Orange foiled confetti leaves that are glued in a line down the side to give it a little more detail!
The turkey image comes Celebrate All Year image set from  If you have never visited this site, please do!  They have affordable and cute digi designs at low prices!
I printed the turkey and cut around him.  For extra detail, I used Orange Stickle for his feathers!
Warm Wishes this fall!
Turning Crabby Into Happy!
Bobbi Hickman

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Witch Shoe...Lasting Impression Template Halloween Card!

If the Shoe Fits...Wear It!  Happy Halloween Card

If you have read my previous blogs, you know I love Halloween and my little witches!  I really am enjoying dry embossing here is my latest!

I used the Witch Shoe brass template from Lasting Impressions to create this adorable Witch's shoe card.

The outside of the card:  If The Shoe Fits....
The Inside of the card: Wear it!

Of course there are a lot of free SVG's, stamps, and shoe templates you can use instead of the Lasting Impressions template to create this card too.

The Lasting Impressions template used was Witch Shoe.  You can visit the Lasting Impressions website and order the brass template for only $7.00 or here the the direct link:
I used black, red, white, green and white striped paper for this card.
Using my lightbox I traced my template according to the colors I wanted to use. Cutting each embossed piece out and reassembled to match the brass template.  This time I did not do any distressing to the paper.  I just added some red ink to the sock area .By simply cutting a striped white and green piece of paper in 2 inch strips and tear one edge towards me, I created the shabby paper cut look.   Lastly, I tied black wire into the bows and added them to her shoes as shown...Oh- la-la  SHOELACES!

The only thing I would change was the background card color.  I do not think it photographed well with the white.  But other than that little change, I love how the card turned out!

So get creative and have a SPOOKATULAR Halloween!
~Bobbi Hickman
Crabby Cakes Studio

Saturday, October 16, 2010

See You are the Witches Convention! Card


Here is a very cute Halloween Card I made for a girl friend and believe me she is a real witch indeed!  Just kidding!

When I saw this brass template from Lasting Impressions, I just had to have it!  The brass template is called Silly Witch. 

It can be purchased thru the Lasting Impressions Store at:

I dry embossed each part of the witch:
Hair-gray paper
Face and nose -Green
Hat trim-Purple
Eyes-White with black brads

The stars were created with a star punch and the moon was just hand cut and chalked with bright yellow and orange to add dimension!

I just kept thinking of great cards to make with her!

  • Best Witches
  • Witch you were here!
  • Free Broom Rides!
  • The Witch is In!
  • The Witch is Out!
  • Witch way to the candy?
  • Witches have the best hats.

Share with us your favorite "Witch" tagline!  

We would love for you to leave a comment or share your Witch and Halloween Cards with us!

Witching you a Happy Halloween!
Crabby Cakes Studio

Friday, October 15, 2010

Product Review - Fiskars 12 Inch Bypass Guillotine Paper Trimmer Cutter

This is the 3rd and Final product reviews on paper cutters.

Product: Fiskars 12 Inch Bypass Guillotine Paper Trimmer Cutter


• 12 inch cutting length

• Lightweight and portable

• Cuts up to 10 sheets of paper

• Safety lock

• Aluminum surface

• Ergonomic handle


List Price 78.99

Hobby Lobby Price 54.99

As you know, Christine found herself in dire need of replacing her paper cutter this spring and started on a 2 day odyssey to find a new cutter.

After the X-ACTO Heavy Duty 12" Laser Trimmer went back to Office Max. Christine went back into research mode and decided to give the Tonic Studios Guillotine Paper Trimmer 12-Inch by 12-Inch a try. While she loves this product, she still was determined to find out if there was a replacement for the Fiskars blade.

Christine loves her Fiskars cutter, but she needed to replace the blade on her Fiskars 12 Inch Bypass Guillotine Paper Trimmer Cutter. While after calling Fiskars customer service number she found out that they do not sell the replacement blades. However, Fiskars stands behind their products and offered to replace the entire cutter FREE of charge including shipping.

We would like to acknowledge Fiskars for standing behind their product and replacing the broken cutter (it was almost 3 years old and the original blade had worn out from use). There are not many companies that still stand behind their products like Fiskars did! Bobbi was so impressed; she went out to Hobby Lobby and used her 40% off coupon to get her own cutter.


* Easy to assemble - all you have to do is pull it out of the box and attach the handle

* Accurate cutting

* Cuts multiple sheets of paper and cardstock. (The box says up to 10 sheets of paper, but for heavy cardstock, I limit it to 3-4.)

* Blade stays in place when not in use with a lock


* limitations on amount of paper it can (up to approx 6 sheets of paper and 3-4 sheets of cardstock depending on weight)

Overall, this cutter is fantastic!!! It cuts straight every time! The blade is sharp, but the cutter feels completely safe when using it. This cutter would definitely stand up to heavy duty use, is a great value for the price, and would be perfect for all types of users from the occasional user to the heavy duty users.

Out of 5 possible crabs, this one will earn 5 crabs!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Spooky Halloween Candelabra

Get inspired outside the Halloween store this year!  

Get Freaky with someblack, purple, and orange paper this season!

I simply could not resist the temptation to create this chipboard Candelabra for Halloween.  It is not perfect, but I tried my best!

The SVG template can be purchased at for only $2.45 

I followed the directions to the "t".  If you noticed hers to mine...well...I had techiniqual difficulties!  I used thin chipboard, so I doubled it up, however, it was still not strong enough to be sturdy.  

I will be remaking this using the recommended chipboard thickness in the future.  My candelabra could not support the orange candles,sadly they kept falling down. :(

The template is easy to use and LittlePurplePansie's directions are awesome and very user friendly even for beginners!

If you lack patience like might want to start on the candle stick template first and work your way up to this project.  I will admit I almost threw my candelabra across the room after the candles toppled over a few times. I am a fighter and did not let the paper win!

Remember not every project is going to be perfect just like Frankenstien!  This is my Frankenstien Candelabra and  I LOVE IT!

Keep checking in for more Halloween goodies!
Happy Halloween!
Crabby Cakes Studios

Friday, October 1, 2010

October 2010 CD Calendar Insert BATTY FOR YOU!


Here is a October 2010 CD Calendar Insert. We love Halloween time! Christine and I deck our halls like it is Christmas time!  I love visiting Christine's house each year because she has this HUGE furry spider her husband hangs off their porch each year! MAWWWWWHHHHH!

It is especially my favorite time of the year.  I love the cool weather, changing of the leaves and seeing all the little monsters in my neighborhood dress up for Trick or Treating.
I go all out decorating inside and outside with all those spooky decorations.  

What better way to decorate your desk area for this special time of the year!

This month's calendar insert celebrates all the spooks and ghouls of the season!

To create the bat, I used Lasting Impressions brass template and dry embossed the bat and pumpkin.  I cut around the image and used purple Stickles to polka dot the bat..(to  make him less scary)

The black mini bat and spider are Cuttlebug die cuts.  I added little google eyes for additional whimsy.  

Lastly, I used left over Halloween table confetti (black stars) and a moon rhinestone to finish the page.

The background back was left over Halloween scrap from another project.  I lover the orange Halloween paper with all the Halloween words on it, but did not have enough to cover the page.  So I simply used left over Debbie Mumm scraps to cover the remaining side.  To seam the 2 different papers together, I used black ribbon.

Sweet Autumn Dreams and Happy Halloween!

Turning Crabby Into Happy!
Bobbi and Christine

Hapy Hal

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Product Review - Scotch ATG Adhesive Applicator: Pink


For those of you who always wanted an ATG Gun but didn't want to invest the money in one, 3M has answered your calls.

Scotch is now offering the NEW PINK 1/4" ATG (Advanced Tape Glider) gun specifically designed for scrap-bookers.

Please note! This is the same size as the ATG714 and will hold all .25" tape designed for ATG use.


List Price 29.99


* Lightweight

* touch of the trigger releases the adhesive and liner for quick, controlled application of tape

* Applies adhesive transfer tape while simultaneously removing and rewinding the liner

*The liner is captured on a secondary spool, leaving only the adhesive on the surface

* Uses ¼” adhesive (great for photo mats)

* Easy to load and operate.

* No mess or clean-up. Saves time and effort


* Gun can be difficult to open (especially if you are used to the yellow ATG 700 gun)

* Tape must be ordered online

Overall, we love the new Scotch Pink ATG product. It is much easier to use for long periods of time. We love our ATG 700 Gun, but due to the light weight of the new PINK it is wrist friendly! Much better for all you all night croppers!

When we were at St. Charles Scrapbook Expo, we were on the fence deciding if we really wanted to invest in another gun since we already had the 700. Basically we talked ourselves out of the new gun as we walked around the show. However, after our second circle around the booths, we were right where we started our morning in front of the Albums and Answers booth. We touched, we used, we played, we talked and finally bought the new guns! Oh Boy! We are super happy we made the investment!

Out of 5 possible crabs, this one will earn 5 crabs!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Halloween Photo Canvas Idea

Halloween is just around the corner!  What better way to celebrate than adding a little bling to table or desk!  My friend, Inger, LOVES Halloween just as much as I do, so I wanted to create a little display for her, designed around her favorite holiday...HALLOWEEN!

Sometimes getting inspired comes by my surrounds, art, music, nature and magazines for me!  I was inspired by last month's Scrapbook Ect. when I saw a project that was used glitter as a background.

I purchased a small canvas 6x6.  Using decoupage as glue, I created 3 layers of orange, lightest on the bottom.  I use the glue and glittered each section at a time, and filling in any missed areas before moving on to the next color block.

Using Little Scraps Of Heaven SVG files called Haunted Graveyard.  I used the Spooky Tree, Bats, and Tombstone templates.  Little Scraps Of Heaven templates can be purchased at :

I used all black cardstock and a scrap of gray to create the tombstones.

After all the pieces were cut, I simply adhered them at different levels using pop dots.  I would recommend to use a little bit of added glue to ensure that your pieces stick better since the glitter will coat the pop dots and prevent a good stick to the canvas.

Once complete, I simply added a little pom pom ribbon around the border of the canvas!  All done!
Now this little BOO-rific canvas can be displayed using a photo/plate holder.

Hope this inspires you to get creative and add a little Halloween Spirit to a table or your desk! 

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 2010 CD Calendar Insert FALL IS IN THE AIR


Well, we are slowly moving into Fall.  It is my favorite time of the year when all the leaves are changing and the nights hold a little chill in the air.

September's CD Calendar insert captures that cool crisp feeling!  I used Debbie Mum's fall paper for the lower section of the insert.  The Indian Corn palette is great since it reflects all the colors of Fall!

Lucky me!  When my neighbor, Louann, moved she gave me a big bag of flowers and wreath stuff, which just happened to have these fall leaves...simply a perfect embellishment for this little page!

Adorned the page with little orange rhinestones and a button!
Fall is in the air or at least on your desk!

Have a great September and hope the nights don't get too chilly for you!
Turning Crabby Into Happy!
Bobbi Hickman
Crabby Cakes Studio

Saturday, August 28, 2010

New Disney 12 X 12 Page

M-I-C-K-E-Y MOUSE and His Friends!

Here is one of our newest layouts for Etsy!!  We hope you enjoy! We think it is a perfect layout for any Disney themed scrap page. 

Prefect for:
  • Disney Land
  • Disney World
  • A Disney Shopping Trip
  • A Disney Cruise
  • Halloween!

We used the iconic black, red, and white to enhance this classic page!

Check out the detailed photos to see all of the embellishments included in this layout! This 2 page layout is full of amazing detail.

The photos do not do justice to this cute layout. We just know you will love it in person! Thanks for taking the time to view the items in our Crabby Cakes Studio Etsy Store and if you ever have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. We will get back with you as quickly as we can.

Special thanks to one of our favorite for the rights to use these very cute paper piecing templates!

Turning Crabby Into Happy!
Crabby Cakes Studio

Monday, August 23, 2010

August 2010 Calendar Insert SPLISH SPLASH

August 2010 CD Calendar Insert "Splish Splash"

What better way to design this month's CD Calender insert celebrating the hottest month in Chicago!  August is all about trying to stay cool in the August heat. Thank goodness for air conditioning or we all with be looking like the California Raisins!

There is nothing like a little SPLISH SPLASH to cool off this summer!  Here I used a stamped image of  a frog sliding in the Water from LV Stamp Company...too cute!  I love froggies!  The stamp image was colored using coloring pencils and a gamisol (sp) rub to smooth and blend the colors.  I continued to cut the outside of my image to the stamped edges.

I cut the background using left over green and aqua scraps.  The paper was already squarely cut so it was a perfect fit for the diamond shaped background.
Once glued down, I used the Diamond Glaze to create the wet look of the water.

SPLISH SPLASH!!!  Please celebrate the warm weather with Crabby Cakes and leave a comment!  Let us know how you and your family are keeping cool this month!

Turning Crabby Into Happy!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Slumber Party Delight Shooting Star Trinket Box

Sorry for the long delay on posting anything new to our blog!

As promised any moons ago, my goal was to see what I can create using the Walmart's Cricut Lite Slumber Party Cartridge.   I was at the dollar store and found a trinket box for guess what...A DOLLAR!  Looking at it I immediately know I was going to create a trinket box for my friend's daughter Lindzi! I hope she likes it!

The first step in the process was to paint the box.  I used Plaid acrylic paint. A raspberry metallic base paint.

I used the Cricut Slumber Party Cartridge and some left over scrap pieces to create the Shooting Star.
I used a scrap of Lasting Impressions Black for the back ground and outside border.  I used a scrap of FairyTale background paper which was part of a larger scrap paper packet new from Hobby Lobby.  This I created the shooting stars part and a glitters border!  Using my Cricut Expressions, the image was cut at 3 inches.

After cutting my image, I simple decoupaged down all the layers (I don't decoupage the top layers yet) and wrapped a rubber band around the outside of the box to secure the border would dry snug to the sides
without lifting.

Once my layers were dried (approx. 1 hour)  I went back and added my inside top and bottom layer, again, using the FairyTale background paper. The fit of  insides my vary depending on the trinket box you purchase.  The once shown here was 3 1/4 X 3 1/4. Decoupage the bottom and top of the inside lid and place your drawer sheets on top.  I used a ruler to smooth out to the paper to ensure no gaps or buckling.  If you looks closely, there is one slight one I could not correct.....(as much as I try I can not always do everything is perfect, just don't tell my husband that!  LOL).

Once the top and bottom liners are in place, decoupage the paper once again to "seal it"  I left my trinket box open over night to dry.

The next morning I decoupaged the entire outside of the box and let it dry while I was off to work.  When I came back home, Grabbing some Stickles I went to tonight "decorate" the shoot star.

Here is the outcome....I hope you enjoy it, but I especailly am hoping Lindzi will enjoy it more!

Please leave your comments, concerns, suggestions, other creative ideas...We would love to hear from you!

Where Turning Crabby Into Happy!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Slumber Party Cricut Lite Rockstar Card


So I wanted to do a little something different for my niece, Kelly, who is having a graduation party next week.  I am known in the family as being "a little different" so I created this cute little card for her letting her know she is a ROCKSTAR in my book!  I wish nothing but success to her as she pursues her dream of becoming a register nurse.

To create this I used the new Slumber Party Cricut Lite.  I am focusing on creating new cards this month with just this one to show versatile it really is!

Secondly, all I can say is congrats to Provo  Craft  for listening to your customer's feedback!  The instructions breaking down all the layers is the best yet!  And I love the plastic VHS storage box!  Super easy to use!

The image used was the girl skull and I did nothing but press the buttons...since my niece is all about the bling, I added 2 crystal gemstones for the eyes.  The stamp I used was from My Favorite Stamps set Chica.

I do come across an size maxium, for creating a card and custom envelop, you can only go as high as 4 1/2 inches, otherwise the sizing will be to big for the custom envelop.  IF you are not going to create an envelop using the Cricut Lite you can create the image as big as you like!

Enjoy my Punky Friends!
Bobbi Hickman
Crabby Cakes Studio
Where Crabby Turns Into Happy!

Monday, July 5, 2010

July CD Insert

This was a super easy cd insert to create this month!  

  • To create this cd insert, I went to for the Fourth of July image.
  • I printed the image and used Stickles by Ranger: Xmas red and embellied the red stripes.
  • I also used some blue, silver and yellow glitter glue for all the other little areas.
  • Once it was dried, I cut the image out.
  • I used fireworks background paper which was purchased at Hobby Lobby!  I thought it was a perfect backdrop to my little Stars and Spangles little man!
  • I used  1 1/2 scallop punch (red cardstock)
  • I used a 1 1/2 circle punch for patriotic blue
  • I used a dollar stamp purchased at Joannes (firecracker) of course you can use any stamp that you may already have! 
  • Lastly add the little star at the top!
 Drop us a comment, we would love to hear your feedback!

Have a happy and safe Fourth of July weekend!
Where Crabby Turns Into Happy!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

PrideFest Thanks!

A special thanks for all those that helped Chris and I get ready for PrideFest 2010!
We had a great time at PrideFest and met some really nice people there!

Special Thanks to Tim Marting for helping us set up and take down our booth.  Thank you for creating wonderful display boards for all our albums!

Special Thanks to Jam, Donovan, and Chuck from (our booth nieghbors).  You all were  so super sweet to us and really helped us with what to expect from the Fest.  Fun and more Fun is how to descibe these gentlemen!  Thanks for being awesome neighbors!  We hope to see you all at North Halsted Days in August!

Special thanks to Maddie, the Civil Rights dog that hung out with Bobbi all day long.  She was so good!  Maddie even did special tricks like the kangaroo! 

Again, a special Thanks to Jennifer Marting for painting our company logo flag!  We love it!  And it looks so good hanging in our booth!

And lastly, thanks for our families, who love and support CCS to the end!  It has been 2 months of work and little time with our loved ones.  Chris and I apprecaite all the love and support!

Much Thanks to all!
Christine and Bobbi
Where Crabby Turns Into Happy! 

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Custom Banner Created By Jennifer Marting

A special thanks to Jennifer Marting, owner/artist of MuralMom Designs for creating an awesome flag mural for Crabby Cakes Studio for our booth!  Christine and I are not great painters so we enlisted the help of Jennifer Marting.  

She was able to create this banner so it looks just like our business cards.  We LOVE it!  It is simply breathe taking the work she does!  

Sorry for the fuzzy picture (camera phone picture).  

The banner material is "duck fabric" using acrylic paint to paint the image.  This banner is clean and sleek looking, sealer was used to reduce and weather damage as well for all the outdoor fests we have planned in our future!  We cleaned up the edging up using double hem tape-no sew, just iron!  Easy Breezy!

We hope that this banner will help with your creative juices, so you too can create and promote what ever you want as an artist too!

No time?  Great Scrapper, not so good Painter? 
To have a banner or mural created please email us directly and we will gladly forward MuralMom Designs information. (aka Jennifer's contact information). 

Much Thanks Again Jen!
Christine and Bobbi
So excited, Crabby Cakes Studio was just notified that our "Got Pride?" album will be featured this week in a special Etsy email promotion as part of crafters with LGBT items!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Update on our status!

Well we have been really busy lately!  We are getting ready for Pride Fest 2010 in Chicago!  We just found out today that we will be in booth 39!  We are going to be located near the intersection of Halstead and Waveland - so if you are in the area stop by and say HI!  So far we have all of the front and back covers completed (500 front and 500 back covers) and have 300 books that are bound.  200 to go.  We hope our arms hold out!   We are putting the books together using our Zutter Bind it All... so the running joke is that we are going to look like lopsided Popeyes!  We are also make 10 wedding albums and a variety of other product...  Well back to work!  We'll update everyone soon!

Christine and Bobbi

Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Cricut Lite Exclusive At Walmart

Please remember to drive the speed limit to WalMart cause I am pretty sure that if you own a Cricut you will be leaving shortly to go shopping!  

While in your local Walmart, please reframe from pushing children and the elderly out of your way as you make your way to the craft aisle.  tee hee

Cricut and WalMart have joined forces!  (Sounds so Star Wars like)
 Starting July 1st  Walmart will be selling 24 exclusive Cricut cartridges!  
That is 24 different themes!!!!!   
They are simply adorable!  The current price point is around 35.00, however, message boards are stating they are to be selling around the 25.00 mark. The price differences may be due to the early release and pricing may go down of the official launch date.  Also the word on the street is that some WalMarts have already started placing these on the racks!   

These 24 will only be sold at WalMart.  WalMart will no longer be selling any "full" catridges going forward either, it might be a great time to the clearence aisle and pick up that older catridge you have been holding off, might be BIG time clearance pricing on those.

To help you decide which one's will be your "MUST HAVES

Check out Cricut's website for the list and images

Tell us which one will be your next purchase! 

Monday, June 7, 2010

Customized Prom Layout

Prom is such a special time and a rite of passage for many of our youth. For many these are the cherished moments and shared memories they want to remember and pass along to future generations.
Crabby Cakes Studio is offering custom Prom Layouts. 
Actually these would be great for any formal dance like:
  • Saddie Hawkins
  • Home Coming
  • Father-Daughter Dance
  • Prom
  • Beauty Queen Contest (we will take the boy bear off)
What is so customized?
You Choice:
• The main color theme
• The dress style
• Includes a personalized title which includes the Prom Theme, the date, and the attendees. We can also add the school name as well.

Girl bears can be dressed in one of the 5 different dress styles offered!
• The Fishtail (style A)
• Short and Sassy (style B)
• Long and Elegant 2 shoulder strap (style C)
• Sash A Sash A (style D)
• Flirty One Shoulder strap (style E) as seen on layout
Boys, the tuxedo can be customized in any color combination of choice as well.
Plus there is more!
• We used very elegant black and white flourish background paper which will coordinate wonderfully with any color palette.
• Your order will include (2) 12x12 layouts.
• For added convenience no adhesive is required for your pictures, they can simply slide under the silver ribbons
• Your layout will include 18 rhinestones for added bling!
• Each girl includes pierced ears!

Order your customized layout today!  Simply go see our Etsy page link to the right!
Turn crabby into happy!
Christine and Bobbi

Monday, May 31, 2010

Sweet Summer Time Card

Here is a card that shares both of my loves!
To me summertime reminds brings back childhood memories of the sweet tastes of fresh strawberries and popicles! 

So we created a card sharing our summertime loves!

All you need to create your own sweet treat card is:
1 piece of red cardstock cut 5 x 4 1/2  (fold in half)
1 piece of white cardstock 4 x 2 1/4
1 piece of scrap paper for center scallop punch
your favorite fruit stamp (I used a strawberry)
1 popicle stick
1 piece of ribbon
scallop punch
circle punch

  1. Punch 1/2 scallop the corner of the red cardstock. (this creates the look of a bit!)
  2. use some extra strong adhesive to adhere the Popsicle stick to the inside of the card.
  3. adhere your white paper inside card and punch. (over the Popsicle stick)
  4. punch your scrap paper  
  5. circle punch on white card stock
  6. stamp your fruit on the white circle. (for extra sheen, I used a little of Inksseentials Glossy Accents!)
  7. adhere your stamped image to the front of your card.  stamped image is adhered on top of complete scallop scrap. 
Another easy breezy card creation!  Remember we would love to see what you create too!  Please feel free to send us your version!

Create a card and ensure that you will turn a crabby into happy!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Free SVG File - Sunglasses

In honor of the unofficial start of summer, here is a pair of sunglasses for everyone.  The sunglasses are part of our "Girls Weekend" SVG pattern set.

Here is a sneak peak and FREE SVG file of the sunglasses from our upcoming collection.

We hope to have this set completed and posted by the end of May.

Let us know what you think of it.. We'd love see how you use the pattern!

To download this pattern, follow this link:

Friday, May 28, 2010

Product Review - Tonic Studios Guillotine Paper Trimmer 12-Inch by 12-Inch

This is the 2nd of three product reviews on paper cutters.

Product: Tonic Studios Guillotine Paper Trimmer 12-Inch by 12-Inch


* Stainless steel blade
* Large base allows a full work surface for 12-inch x 12-inch scrapbook pages
* Offers precision cutting performance

List Price 53.99
Archivers Price 49.99 (but Christine used her 30% off coupon)
Amazon Price 41.69

As you know, Recently Christine found herself in dire need of replacing her paper cutter and started on a 2 day odyssey to find a new cutter. After the X-ACTO Heavy Duty 12" Laser Trimmer went back to Office Max, Christine went back into research mode and decided to give the Tonic Studios Guillotine Paper Trimmer 12-Inch by 12-Inch a try. This product had some great reviews on the scrapbooking websites and had 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. So bright and early on Tuesday morning, off to Archivers to buy it.

* Easy to assemble - all you have to do is pull it out of the box and attach the handle
* Handle slides off easily to store under cutter for easy transport
* Accurate cutting
* Cuts multiple sheets of paper and cardstock.
* Blade stays in place when not in use.  No need to attach a lock
* Kushgrip comfort handle
* Paper clamp with integrated finger guard presses down firmly to ensure paper does not move while cutting

* limitations on amount of paper it can  (up to approx 6 sheets of paper and 3-4 sheets of cardstock depending on weight)
* If you do not apply pressure to the paper clamp and just hold the paper with your hand, sometimes it moves a little (but this could be user error on Christine's part)

Overall, Christine has only had this product for a couple of days, but so far, she LOVES IT!!!!!  This cutter is fantastic!!!  It cuts straight every time!  The blade is sharp, but the cutter feels completely safe when using it.  This cutter would definitely stand up to heavy duty use, is a great value for the price, and would be perfect for all types of users from the occasional user to the heavy duty users.

Out of 5 possible crabs, this one will earn 5 crabs!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Product Review - X-ACTO Heavy Duty 12" Laser Trimmer

This will be the first of 3 product reviews on paper cutters.

Product:  X-ACTO Heavy Duty 12" Laser Trimmer
*  Heavy Duty

*  Laser beam lines up paper for precise cut every time
*  X-ACTO Hardened steel blade
*  Self sharpening blade
*  Easy to read grip lines guarantee precision

List Price 70.49
Office Max Price 57.49 
Amazon Price 51.09

Recently Christine found herself in dire need of replacing her paper cutter.   So after a bit of research, she decided to buy the X-ACTO Heavy Duty 12" Laser Trimmer.    This product had some great reviews on the scrapbooking websites and had 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.  So bright and early on Monday morning, off to Office Max to buy it.  

*  Easy to assemble - all you have to do is pull it out of the box and attach the handle (which is held in place by 2 small screws)
*  Laser easy to adjust

*  If you want a straight cut on the paper, you can only cut 1 - 2 pieces of paper.  Each time we tried to cut 3 or more pieces of card stock, the blade could not cut the paper and ruined the paper
*  The safety feature to lock the blade in the down position did not lock when the blade was pushed into the closed position.  Each time we had to push the blade to the left to get the part to lock
*  While the laser was easy to adjust (just remove 1 screw, take the cover off, and use a screwdriver to adjust the vertical or horizontal levels), after a couple of cuts, it kept going out of alignment and would become a pain to have to do this after every couple of cuts

Overall, Christine was not happy with this product and returned it about an hour and a half after she pulled it out of the box.   We need a product that is reliable and will cut a straight line on multiple pages.  It was clear that the X-ACTO Heavy Duty 12" Laser Trimmer was NOT the product.

It defintely did not feel like it would stand up to heavy duty use.  Out of 5 possible crabs, this one will earn 1.5 crabs!  If you need it for occasional, light use, this product would work for you.  If you are looking for a product to stand up to heavy, daily use, stay away from this product.