Wednesday, June 30, 2010

PrideFest Thanks!

A special thanks for all those that helped Chris and I get ready for PrideFest 2010!
We had a great time at PrideFest and met some really nice people there!

Special Thanks to Tim Marting for helping us set up and take down our booth.  Thank you for creating wonderful display boards for all our albums!

Special Thanks to Jam, Donovan, and Chuck from (our booth nieghbors).  You all were  so super sweet to us and really helped us with what to expect from the Fest.  Fun and more Fun is how to descibe these gentlemen!  Thanks for being awesome neighbors!  We hope to see you all at North Halsted Days in August!

Special thanks to Maddie, the Civil Rights dog that hung out with Bobbi all day long.  She was so good!  Maddie even did special tricks like the kangaroo! 

Again, a special Thanks to Jennifer Marting for painting our company logo flag!  We love it!  And it looks so good hanging in our booth!

And lastly, thanks for our families, who love and support CCS to the end!  It has been 2 months of work and little time with our loved ones.  Chris and I apprecaite all the love and support!

Much Thanks to all!
Christine and Bobbi
Where Crabby Turns Into Happy! 

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