Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Slumber Party Cricut Lite Rockstar Card


So I wanted to do a little something different for my niece, Kelly, who is having a graduation party next week.  I am known in the family as being "a little different" so I created this cute little card for her letting her know she is a ROCKSTAR in my book!  I wish nothing but success to her as she pursues her dream of becoming a register nurse.

To create this I used the new Slumber Party Cricut Lite.  I am focusing on creating new cards this month with just this one to show versatile it really is!

Secondly, all I can say is congrats to Provo  Craft  for listening to your customer's feedback!  The instructions breaking down all the layers is the best yet!  And I love the plastic VHS storage box!  Super easy to use!

The image used was the girl skull and I did nothing but press the buttons...since my niece is all about the bling, I added 2 crystal gemstones for the eyes.  The stamp I used was from My Favorite Stamps set Chica.

I do come across an size maxium, for creating a card and custom envelop, you can only go as high as 4 1/2 inches, otherwise the sizing will be to big for the custom envelop.  IF you are not going to create an envelop using the Cricut Lite you can create the image as big as you like!

Enjoy my Punky Friends!
Bobbi Hickman
Crabby Cakes Studio
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  1. Super Cute! Thanks for sharing!


  2. This is absolutely AWESOME--I love it! I only have one cricut cart--I use scal--but now you make me want to run out and buy this! It's soooo cute! I'm a follower now--super cute!

    All the best--from my hands to yours,
    K Andrew

  3. Awww, thank you kandrewsdesigns and Lori for leaving feedback! I am going to be working on another little papercraft this weekend using this cartridge! So keep a look out on Monday for a new posting!
    ~Bobbi Hickman
    Crabby Cakes Studio