Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Spooky Halloween Candelabra

Get inspired outside the Halloween store this year!  

Get Freaky with someblack, purple, and orange paper this season!

I simply could not resist the temptation to create this chipboard Candelabra for Halloween.  It is not perfect, but I tried my best!

The SVG template can be purchased at LittlePurplePansie.blogspot.com for only $2.45 

I followed the directions to the "t".  If you noticed hers to mine...well...I had techiniqual difficulties!  I used thin chipboard, so I doubled it up, however, it was still not strong enough to be sturdy.  

I will be remaking this using the recommended chipboard thickness in the future.  My candelabra could not support the orange candles,sadly they kept falling down. :(

The template is easy to use and LittlePurplePansie's directions are awesome and very user friendly even for beginners!

If you lack patience like me..you might want to start on the candle stick template first and work your way up to this project.  I will admit I almost threw my candelabra across the room after the candles toppled over a few times. I am a fighter and did not let the paper win!

Remember not every project is going to be perfect just like Frankenstien!  This is my Frankenstien Candelabra and  I LOVE IT!

Keep checking in for more Halloween goodies!
Happy Halloween!
Crabby Cakes Studios


  1. Hi I love the pics, awesome Halloween decorations. I followed you and was wondering if you wouldn't mind looking at my blog and following me? I have some cook halloween decs on there too from a party I had last year.
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  2. Hey, Bobbi, it's Janet from Little Purple Pansie. I love the "Frankenstein" label for your candelabra. What a great attitude. Yeah, ya gotta use crisp paper, the right adhesive, and the right chipboard. the one I made with liquid glue didn't hold up, I had to remake with spray glue so that the paper didn't get soggy. That one is holding up like a champ! But I'm so glad you love the design! Awesome embellishments too!

  3. Love it! What a spooky candelabra. I can't wait to try one myself with my Silhouette. Thanks for the inspiration. (From Scrappers Challenge)

  4. Love it! What a cute idea! Where can I get chipboard to start many projects for it? You all have give me so many ideas to do in so little time. lol

  5. That looks GREAT sitting on your table!!!!!

  6. Thanks everyone for the lovely feedback! I am so happy everyone likes it! Thanks Janet for the helpful hints! The first spray adhersive I used was not tacky enough for the chipboard..made my paper buckle too. I did use the Bazzil cardstock for the thickness and ended up using Ailene's spray..I noticed the difference immediately!

  7. I can't tell that it isn't right. It looks good to me, "trick or camera"lololol thank you for sharing with us. http://pennykitz.blogspot.com/