Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Product Review - Scotch ATG Adhesive Applicator: Pink


For those of you who always wanted an ATG Gun but didn't want to invest the money in one, 3M has answered your calls.

Scotch is now offering the NEW PINK 1/4" ATG (Advanced Tape Glider) gun specifically designed for scrap-bookers.

Please note! This is the same size as the ATG714 and will hold all .25" tape designed for ATG use.


List Price 29.99


* Lightweight

* touch of the trigger releases the adhesive and liner for quick, controlled application of tape

* Applies adhesive transfer tape while simultaneously removing and rewinding the liner

*The liner is captured on a secondary spool, leaving only the adhesive on the surface

* Uses ¼” adhesive (great for photo mats)

* Easy to load and operate.

* No mess or clean-up. Saves time and effort


* Gun can be difficult to open (especially if you are used to the yellow ATG 700 gun)

* Tape must be ordered online

Overall, we love the new Scotch Pink ATG product. It is much easier to use for long periods of time. We love our ATG 700 Gun, but due to the light weight of the new PINK it is wrist friendly! Much better for all you all night croppers!

When we were at St. Charles Scrapbook Expo, we were on the fence deciding if we really wanted to invest in another gun since we already had the 700. Basically we talked ourselves out of the new gun as we walked around the show. However, after our second circle around the booths, we were right where we started our morning in front of the Albums and Answers booth. We touched, we used, we played, we talked and finally bought the new guns! Oh Boy! We are super happy we made the investment!

Out of 5 possible crabs, this one will earn 5 crabs!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Halloween Photo Canvas Idea

Halloween is just around the corner!  What better way to celebrate than adding a little bling to table or desk!  My friend, Inger, LOVES Halloween just as much as I do, so I wanted to create a little display for her, designed around her favorite holiday...HALLOWEEN!

Sometimes getting inspired comes by my surrounds, art, music, nature and magazines for me!  I was inspired by last month's Scrapbook Ect. when I saw a project that was used glitter as a background.

I purchased a small canvas 6x6.  Using decoupage as glue, I created 3 layers of orange, lightest on the bottom.  I use the glue and glittered each section at a time, and filling in any missed areas before moving on to the next color block.

Using Little Scraps Of Heaven SVG files called Haunted Graveyard.  I used the Spooky Tree, Bats, and Tombstone templates.  Little Scraps Of Heaven templates can be purchased at :

I used all black cardstock and a scrap of gray to create the tombstones.

After all the pieces were cut, I simply adhered them at different levels using pop dots.  I would recommend to use a little bit of added glue to ensure that your pieces stick better since the glitter will coat the pop dots and prevent a good stick to the canvas.

Once complete, I simply added a little pom pom ribbon around the border of the canvas!  All done!
Now this little BOO-rific canvas can be displayed using a photo/plate holder.

Hope this inspires you to get creative and add a little Halloween Spirit to a table or your desk! 

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 2010 CD Calendar Insert FALL IS IN THE AIR


Well, we are slowly moving into Fall.  It is my favorite time of the year when all the leaves are changing and the nights hold a little chill in the air.

September's CD Calendar insert captures that cool crisp feeling!  I used Debbie Mum's fall paper for the lower section of the insert.  The Indian Corn palette is great since it reflects all the colors of Fall!

Lucky me!  When my neighbor, Louann, moved she gave me a big bag of flowers and wreath stuff, which just happened to have these fall leaves...simply a perfect embellishment for this little page!

Adorned the page with little orange rhinestones and a button!
Fall is in the air or at least on your desk!

Have a great September and hope the nights don't get too chilly for you!
Turning Crabby Into Happy!
Bobbi Hickman
Crabby Cakes Studio