Thursday, May 27, 2010

Product Review - X-ACTO Heavy Duty 12" Laser Trimmer

This will be the first of 3 product reviews on paper cutters.

Product:  X-ACTO Heavy Duty 12" Laser Trimmer
*  Heavy Duty

*  Laser beam lines up paper for precise cut every time
*  X-ACTO Hardened steel blade
*  Self sharpening blade
*  Easy to read grip lines guarantee precision

List Price 70.49
Office Max Price 57.49 
Amazon Price 51.09

Recently Christine found herself in dire need of replacing her paper cutter.   So after a bit of research, she decided to buy the X-ACTO Heavy Duty 12" Laser Trimmer.    This product had some great reviews on the scrapbooking websites and had 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.  So bright and early on Monday morning, off to Office Max to buy it.  

*  Easy to assemble - all you have to do is pull it out of the box and attach the handle (which is held in place by 2 small screws)
*  Laser easy to adjust

*  If you want a straight cut on the paper, you can only cut 1 - 2 pieces of paper.  Each time we tried to cut 3 or more pieces of card stock, the blade could not cut the paper and ruined the paper
*  The safety feature to lock the blade in the down position did not lock when the blade was pushed into the closed position.  Each time we had to push the blade to the left to get the part to lock
*  While the laser was easy to adjust (just remove 1 screw, take the cover off, and use a screwdriver to adjust the vertical or horizontal levels), after a couple of cuts, it kept going out of alignment and would become a pain to have to do this after every couple of cuts

Overall, Christine was not happy with this product and returned it about an hour and a half after she pulled it out of the box.   We need a product that is reliable and will cut a straight line on multiple pages.  It was clear that the X-ACTO Heavy Duty 12" Laser Trimmer was NOT the product.

It defintely did not feel like it would stand up to heavy duty use.  Out of 5 possible crabs, this one will earn 1.5 crabs!  If you need it for occasional, light use, this product would work for you.  If you are looking for a product to stand up to heavy, daily use, stay away from this product. 


  1. Good to know! I've got a Dahle 550 and totally LOVE it. It will cut multiple pages easily... cuts through thick chipboard and lines up perfectly :)

  2. I have one of these and have none of the problems with the laser but do have issues cutting multiple pages. So it became my "I need to cut a sliver" cutter because the laser helped with that!