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Day 1 Blessed on the bright side blog hop - A2 Word Template Tutorial

Hi everyone! Welcome to the “It’s Easter” Blog Hop to help you get ready for this wonderful Easter season. Joining me in this fun celebration are some of the most talented crafters that I know. I do have a few rules for this hop, in support of each crafter and the time they have put into their work, to be eligible for my blog candy you MUST visit each blog and leave a comment. If you have started here at Blessed on the Bright Side. If not, and just hopped on this blog, you can go back to the beginning HERE and hop along with us.

This hop runs from April 7th - 10th, so you have plenty of time to make it all the way through the hop. Check out each blog and see what each blog has to offer for BLOG CANDY! Come back all 3 days to see some new projects, tutorials, and more.

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In Response to our tutorial on creating custom tags in Word, one of our followers, Ann asked for a tutorial to create a template for A2 cards that can be cut in the Dreamkutz.

1. Open Word. (For this example we are using Office 2007)
2. Select Mailings.
3. Select Labels.

4. In the Envelopes and Labels pop up window, select Options.

5. In the Label Options pop up window, select New Label.
6. The Label Details pop up window will open. This is where we will set up our custom Label. We will be giving you the settings to create this for both portrait and landscape cards. The first step is to name the labels or cards.
4.25x5.5 Portrait
5.5x4.25 Landscape

7. To create the label, you will need to change the following fields: Label Name, Label Height, Label Width, Number Across, Number Down, Vertical Pitch, Horizontal Pitch, and Page size.

Setting for a 4.25x5.5 Portrait Card Label Height = 5.5"
Label Width = 4.25"
Number Across = 2
Number Down = 2
Page Size = Letter (8 1/2 x 11in)
Vertical Pitch = 5.5"
Horizontal Pitch = 4.25"

Setting for a 4.25x5.5 Portrait Card

Label Height = 4.25"
Label Width = 5.5"
Number Across = 2
Number Down = 2
Page Size = Letter Landscape (11 x 8 1/2in)
Vertical Pitch = 4.25"
Horizontal Pitch = 5.5"

8. The vertical pitch is always equal to the label height and the horizontal pitch is always equal to the label width.

9. To Select Paper Size, click on the down arrow on the right side of the paper size. This will show the drop down box.
10.  When typing your greeting for a portrait card - only type on the right side.  (for this card - I choose the inside greeting to be "All you need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt!  Happy Easter)
10. When typing your greeting for a Landscape card - only type on the bottom.
12.  Print on cardstock and you are ready to cut in the Dreamkutz.

13.  Place cardstock in Dreamcutz according or type of card (portrait or landscape) and cut.   You will have 2 perfectly cut cards! 

14.  Fold in half and you are now ready to decorate your card!!
I decorated my card with an original paper piecing design of a cute bunny and now it is ready to be mailed to somebunny special!
Hope you love the tutorial and stop by tomorrow for a free SVG file!

Christine and Bobbi
Crabby Cakes Studio
Where crabby turns into happy!!


  1. W0W! Thanks for the tut!
    Hummer Hugs,
    hummingbird204 at comcast dot net

  2. Cute card, but I just love the tutorial the best!! Thank you!

  3. Adorable card and the tutorial is great Christine!

  4. Thanks for the tutorial. Cute card! I've noticed quite a few cards that people make have embellishments and/or die cuts extending beyond the edges of the cards. Do you fold them down or do you make a larger envelope for mailing?

  5. Hi Sharon

    I personally like to cut the card down to adjust for the over size image. When I am too lazy, I just use a larger envelop!

    Much Thanks
    Crabby Cakes Studio

  6. Great Card.
    Thanks for the Tutorial!

  7. Thanks for the tutorial... I will definitely try this with my cards! Your bunny card is cute!

  8. Wow nice looking card and thanks for the tutorial, I will have to try this over the weekend.

  9. Great tutorial!! And a cute card too. :)

  10. Great tutorial along with a great card.

  11. Thanks Christine,
    Glad to have hopped over and became a new follower. I will be using your tutorial! TFS. Somebunny special is going to love the card! It's adorable!
    Happy Hopping,
    strgazrblueyes22477 [at] yahoo

  12. I love your orange bunny! That's a great tutorial also! Looking forward to seeing your share tomorrow and of course I'll keep following! lol!!

  13. Cute card. Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing. I'm a follower

  14. How nice of you to share this "how to" tutorial with all. TFS. I am a follower and visiting all on blog hop.

  15. Such a cute card and thanks so much for the label and card instructions for Word. I have bookmarked this info for future reference. I am a follower. patnbobcuddy at gmail dot com

  16. Simple but sweet- the bright colors on your card really pop!

  17. Super cute! I am a new follower!

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  18. Love it! Great tutorial.


  19. Great tutorial. Love the card. The bunny is super cute.

  20. Oh, thanks so much for the tutorial! I've been typing my sentiments on a different piece of cardstock, cutting it to fit the card and pasting it. This is so much easier. You have just helped me save the trees by not waisting so much paper!

    Looking forward to more tutorials!!

    Carmen L
    cal8007 at aol dot com

  21. Cute card....Thanks for the Tutorial. im a new follower.

  22. Love your cute bunny card! :)

  23. Thank you for the tutorial, I love learning new techniques!!!! That was nice of you to fill a followers request :)
    Your bunny is adorable by the way, love it!!!

  24. I posted on my blog and told my frineds too :)
    Thank again,

  25. I love this tutorial. You did a fabulous job on the card. I love the bunny! Thanks for joining me on this fun hop!


  26. Great card! The bunny is adorable. TFS, so glad I could be in this hop. You are very talented.

    (:(: SMILES :):)


  27. Very cool!! I always print my phrases out on a separate piece of cardstock and adhere it to the inside of the card, but this is much better!! TFS!! :)

    I'm a new follower sent by Rhonda (Scrap Happens)!! :)

    Amy :) at
    scrapbookingwithamy (at) gmail (dot) com

  28. Oh my gosh, this is a great tutorial...would this work on a Cricut also?
    Lisa H.
    lisastuf at gmail dot com

  29. Great tutorial and adorable card! TFS!!

  30. Thanks so much. This is going to be such a tremendous help and save me so much time, money and let me achieve professional results on cards.

  31. Super cute. Love how the bunny sticks up over the card, and how its orange. So pretty.

    Smiles Sher

  32. This is really a bright and happy card. My delay is due to computer issues. My email is and my blog is loving scrapper101.

  33. Excellent tutorial, love your bunny card!!
    miller896042 at bellsouth dot net