Friday, March 5, 2010

Treasure Box Designs Digi Stamp Birdies Card

Treasure Box Designs New Digi Stamps Makes Creating A Homemade Card A Breeze!

We love Treasure Box Designs! We use their paper templates for lots of albums we create.  They have now made it easy for every craft level  by creating digi stamps!  LOVE THEM!  They are easy to download to your PC.  The best part is that they colored images for all those last minute cards you need!  Simply print, cut and paste and you can be on your way! Also included in your purchase is a black and white image, this is great for coloring with your Copic markers, watercolors, and color pencils!  Here at Crabby Cakes Studios we are always wanting to share budget these digi stamps can be purchased at for only a $1.00!!!  

Oops, one more thing to add to my can customize the size!  When was the last time you purchased a stamp that you could according to your NEVER!

This card example was created in 10 minutes using only scraps!  Even the printed digi stamps was printed on a left over white would have been faster if glitter was not used.  The Birdies stamp was used to create this card.  

We printed "A  Little Birdie Told  me..."  
We used water color to paint in the the image and cut the image to be in portion of the card.  (We used left over scraps too!)  Covered the entire front of image with glitter glue and added Prisma Glitter.  Add a few blue brads. Complete!

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