Sunday, March 21, 2010

March's Product Review: Singer's Pixie Sewing Machine


As crafters, Crabby Cakes Studios tries to stay in touch with all the newest products for the scrapbooking and paper-crafting industry. 
Christine and I giggled with glee when Singer announced that they were coming out with the Pixie Sewing Machine.  This little purple cutie was created for paper-crafters that love that sewn look and providing dimension of sewing on scrapbook pages and cards.  Sporting the fact it is compact and light weight, easy to take to scrapbook crops.  Off to Wal-Mart to make our purchases!
.....sadly this happiness ended quickly as soon as we opened our boxes.  Yes, we agree, Singer you created a light weight sewing machine. However, The Pixie feels flimsy and it seems to be made poorly with cheap plastic, it almost feels like a slight jostle will cause it to fall about.  Never fear! Crabby Cakes Studio has purchased a many of items that have been a little questionable, and have been pleasantly surprised.
Setting up the thread was easy breezy simple because the threading was pre-packaged.  Now we are super excited, ready to sew!  This is the exact moment when all excitement came to a halt.  The power pedal is horrible, it jamming up and it got stuck, it never stopped (on both machines)! The manual sewing switch is even worse; there is no control factor which makes it very difficult to maneuver the lines and sewing details.
Lastly, the directions and problem solving pamphlet provided by Singer are incorrect and have little visual pictures to assist an inexperienced sewer.  Once the pre-packaged thread ran out….forget about it! It cannot be rethreaded again.  Christine and I spent hours trying to figure out what we were doing wrong...according to other reviews, we were doing everything right, the product was just wrong.
Crabby Cakes Studio quickly returned these little purple machines.  Although the retail price is appealing running 49.99-60.00,it is not worth it!
Here is a helpful hit, use your main sewing machine,  cause The Pixie this is not going to make your crabby day turn into happy.  

Not even Pixie Dust can limit the frustration caused by the Singer Pixie Sewing Machine. 

0 out of 5  Crabby Cakes

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