Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How do you like to store your paper?

Well I (Christine) am in the home stretch of my scrap room re-organization! 

The hardest task that is still pending is putting away all of my paper. What I foolishly thought was going to be a couple of hours on Saturday turned into a week long process! 

I already had 12 (yes I said 12) of the Sterilite 3 Drawer Clearview storage units (pictured below), but that was not enough storage for me and my paper stash was piling up around me.

When I was at Target last week, I found the Sterilite 7 Drawer Craft Cart on clearance for 20.98. I bought one think that would be plenty of new storage for all of my paper. Well, Saturday I purchased a second one and on Sunday, I purchase 2 more of the 3 drawers Clearview containers. Finally - ENOUGH STORAGE. I think and hope.....

Now the question is how to divide up my paper......

At Bobbi's suggestion, I have started to breakdown my paper packs and storing them by color theme. I have all of my holiday paper and specialty paper separated. (Christmas is 5 drawers alone!) So this brings me to the question of the day....

How do you store your paper?

We'd love to hear from you.. so leave us your suggestions and ideas on how you store your paper!

Bobbi and Christine


  1. OMG I am the first to post. I always have issues with my storage. I have put themed paper in a hanging file box near my scrap table. Some of the mat stacks are in a card organizer from Stampin up, and the rest that doesn't really have a theme is in iris boxes waiting to be sorted. Was thinking that probably that odd paper will be sorted into colours. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Amy S

  2. Go Check out my blog. I have an award for you!! =)


  3. I have all my cardstock in 12x12 wooden cubes that have 3 shelves. I have 4 of these with the cardstock in them. I have another 2 of these cubes that has my patterned paper in it sorted by theme and color. I have all my stacks (the 12x12 ones) on the top of these, yes, it is getting a little too high! I have my mat stacks on the top shelf of the first cube.
    Love this post! Looking forward to seeing more ideas!

  4. My paper storage is a bit complex (and long to put here), but a few basics

    cardstock - in a cube by color - white, red, orange, yellow, blue, green, violet, brown, black

    pp - Holidays: in a really fun hand-carved dresser that doesn't work for clothing (3" high drawers that are 26" wide and 14" deep) along with specific embellishments for each holiday.

    General: sort by either pattern (dots, plaids, etc.); some by company (I really like October Afternoon); and some by line with coordinating Bazzill or Bo Bunny Cardstock (in 2 gallon baggies stored vertically until used - then merged into main).

    Scraps: sorted by color (like cardstock) and stored in the 12 x 12 drawers - it takes 9 of them, but really helps me use up my scraps.

  5. Oh I statrted out with the 3 drawer units, then I went to the drawer towers but they were soon out grown. SO I now have 3 furnikit closets well I have 4 but one is for clay. But 2 are just for paper. Then I have the cubes that stack for the papers I use all the time. One of the cubes have drawers, I put the scraps in there. I will use those for the quickutz and sizzix and punches. I now have to hide the paper from Hubby. Oh the original drawers are still full. I just cannot resist a paper sale. Especially the packs. They have some nice paper in them and they discontinue those. Ya just cannot have to much paper. Ray Ann

  6. I put together kits, papers, ribbons, embellishments, buttons etc.

    Then I put them in clear 12x12 ziploc bags (I find I accumulate these when I
    buy other items.

    Then I put the bag on a skirt hanger and put it in the closet in my

    Sometimes, I write something special that is in the bag (like holiday,
    birthday, a special project, etc.) but since they are clear I can see what
    is in there.

    Then when I am ready to work on the project it is all there together no
    digging around for the supplies.

    This works for me.

  7. Well, according to my husband I have enough scrapbooking materials to open two stores and then some! I try to sort my papers by colors, prints, writing, seasons and such into totes that slide in a rack. I put a label on the outside of the tote with what is inside (i.e. greens, browns, etc.)

  8. I sort by color and theme in a Creative Memories black zip up box. It is FULL, so I'm using what I have. I really don't want to increase my stash, but it's so hard when Hob-Lob has all their really cool paper 1/2 off!

  9. These are awesome ideas. I think it really depends on how you like to organize and the volume which makes a huge difference on paper storage solutions.

    Personally, I store all colored cardstock in drawers and all themed paper, embellished in 12X12 storage bins from Michaels.
    All my other stock is coordinated by which color dominates and file that way. It might not work for others, but it works for me!

  10. I have four separate paper stashes. For card making, I want to see all the paper so I purchased from stampin up there vertical storage files and use it horizontally. This way I can see and find the color combination I am looking for with the inks and stamps.

    For my electronic cutters, I keep the paper separate as the machines can accomodate different size paper - one is for 8x12 and the other is 12x12 sorted by colors. I rarely use patterned paper for these as it can tear easily.

    For scrapbooking, I have a 10 drawer roller cart, I think cropper hopper but not sure, separated by color. My patterned paper, paper sets that have coordinating solid and print paper, and everything that can't fit in the drawers sits in stacks on top. I want to get another 10 drawer unit but they are not on sale so I have waited. I have the paper separated so that when I am working on power layouts or finishing off pages, I know where in the stack, thanks to a post it note, to look in the stack. The stack is 18 inches high and I still have excess of the same color stored in CM totes! Not perfect, but it works for now. And, the bonus is I have stopped buying the same paper over and over as I am more familiar with what I already have and what types and colors and patterns I tend to use the most.

  11. I store my solid papers by color in clear 12 x 12 envelopes. All of the solids are in one large laundry basket that is on wheels. The loose patterned paper is also in envelopes in a second basket. I also store my notebooks of paper in the baskets. When I'm not crafting, I can roll the baskets under my work table.

    When I go to crops, I have a plastic 12 x 12 tote of solid paper that I take with me. It's easier than lugging the baskets which are quite heavy to carry down the steps and out the door.

  12. Well, according to my husband I have enough scrapbooking materials to open
    > two stores and then some! I try to sort my papers by colors, prints,
    > writing, seasons and such into totes that slide in a rack. I put a label on
    > the outside of the tote with what is inside (i.e. greens, browns, etc.)

  13. I store my paper in a wardrobe closet that we bought at Walmart.
    I mostly buy DCWV paperstacks. These are stored on the shelves.
    I write the name of the stack on the glue end of the spine so I can tell which stack is which.
    My cardstock is also stored in the same wardrobe closet. The DCWV cardstock stacks are labeled the same way.
    My Bazzill cardstock is also in same closet.

  14. I made some paper racks to store mine horizontally on top of the
    12 x 12 drawer units I bought at Michaels. I wanted plenty of room
    that you could not find in store bought unit. Mine are 12" x 48" long
    and have a divider every 2". They are made of 3/4" plywood with
    1/4" dividers. I have four of them but they aren't big enough.
    Basically I have 16 lin ft of 12 x 12 paper storage. I have the printed
    papers by themes and the solids by colors.
    I need to have a sale

  15. I store my 12x12 paper in these paper trays by Display Dynamics (http://store. scrapbook. com/dd-st- 011.html). My 8 1/2 x 11 paper I store in magazine holders.

  16. Thanks for all of your great feedback! I love all the different storage ideas! I will be posing pictues of my reorganized scrap room soon!

    Crabby Cakes Studio