Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Crabby Cakes Tip Of The Month


After the the holiday season it is hard to spend money on your scrapping wants and desires! Christine and I both know it is a hard thing to do!

Here is a tip...look in your local stores clearance aisles.  
Target....Walmart...Dollar Tree....Micheal's...JoAnne's
Don't just look for scrapbook items as your local scrapbook store. 
Look for items in the clearance isles and dollar stores. Think outside the box!
Sequins, ribbons, paper bags,etc. are often not in the normal craft aisles you might travel down.  

Just recently, Christine was at Michael's and purchased a package of rhinestones which normally sells for $1.99, but since it was after the holiday season it rang up for only 10 cents!

I always look online for coupons, more often than not, I will find one or two to use.  
Sign up for emails from you favorite craft stores too!  Sometimes you will freebies like free cardstock!  Now if you are a crafter...who can't use free paper!

Please share your craft cost saving tips! Post a comment! 
Turn Crabby Into Happy!
~Bobbi Jo

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